Our House in Spring 2007

Here is our house in early spring. We took this picture soon after we bought it. There isn’t much that can be said of the landscaping at this point. It was basically a blank slate to work with. There were two Japanese hollies in front of the garage that died due to the frost and one large Nandina that is thriving now. It’s the plant in between the two windows on the right. In front of the porch are some other hollies that are recovering but haven’t made it to 100% yet. As for other plantings the house only had two Bradford Pears planted in the front like almost every other house in the subdivision.

Bradford pears are pretty to look at in the spring with the flowers but are very odoriferous. Not to mention they have very weak wood and will easily split in strong winds. I don’t recommend planting them. I would put in Yoshino Cherries instead. They flower at similar times and have white flowers, but are much better trees. But since the Bradfords are already there I’ll leave them until they get damaged then replace them with something better.

The turf in the yard was awful, ragweed sprouts were everywhere and crowded out any good grass that might have grown. I went through tis summer and pulled as much of the ragweed up by the roots as I could. Needless to say the yard has plenty of bare patches to fill. I put in some Kentucky 31 grass in the patches and overseeded. Some of it is coming up great so I’m looking forward to a better yard in the spring!