Rootbeer anyone?

I picked up this sassafras leaf in our backyard. I was struck by its interesting coloration, red on the outside edges and orange around the main veins of the leaf. We have sassafras trees everywhere around in our yard so their leaves are easily found. They have a very strong lemon scent that can be smelled when you crush the leaves. I’ve done that more than a few times with my lawnmower!

Apparently the roots of the sassafras tree used to be distilled to make root beer. I’d rather just go buy a 12 pack of good old A&W than worry with digging up those roots!

One Reply to “Rootbeer anyone?”

  1. I can remember going out with my brother to dig up sassafrass roots in early spring for spring tonic we called it.

    I am glad you stopped by my blog.

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