Tennessee Garden Bloggers

Are there any other Tennessee garden bloggers out there? I found one yesterday courtesy of Nan at Gardening Gone Wild. If you have a chance go visit Frances over at Faire Gardening over in east Tennessee. If you are a Tennessee garden blogger let me know and I’ll add you to the roll!

3 thoughts on “Tennessee Garden Bloggers

  1. tina

    Check me out at the Leaf Chronicle’s website. I garden near
    Clarksville and go to school at NSCC for-what else-horticulture! I visit the Nashville area alot and have attended the Franklin Lawn and Garden show too. I just started my blog about three months ago and I am also looking for other Tennessee bloggers-here you are! Nice to meet you!

  2. tina

    Good deal! I love your blog. It is so much like mine! Too funny. I even told my mother-he even did a post on blogs! I never knew anything about them so I researched them and did two posts on them. One on what they were, the other on how to be successful. I wish the Leaf would let readers pull our past posts. Like your format does. I enjoyed reading all of them. I know I gave you some work! 🙂

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