Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day: Berries and Blooms

I didn’t want to just have one plant to show so I added the Nandina above. Its berries are showing some pretty good winter color.

Here you can see the tiny blooms of our Mediterranean White Heather. Erica x darlelensis would look great as mass border planting. Too bad I only have the one, I’ll have to add more this year!

5 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day: Berries and Blooms

  1. Nan Ondra

    Good for you, Dave! You know, when I think of heaths and heathers, I don’t (or at least, I didn’t) associate them with Tennessee. But since both you and Frances at Faire Garden have such good luck with them, I see that you must have great conditions for them.

  2. Yolanda Elizabet

    Well done, you are one of the few who have actually a bloom outside in the garden. Very pretty that Mexican heather. Love the nandina too, those berries are great for adding some much needed colour to the winter garden.

    My blooms are up too if you’re interested.

  3. Dave


    We are fortunate to have milder winters than much of the US. I think it’s very similar some Mediterranean area, not sure since I’ve never been lucky enough to travel there!


    Thanks for visiting again! I’m glad you liked the Nandina berries. I may have to go for a houseplant next time.


    Thank you for coming by to check out my meager offering! You have quite a few things showing blooms.


    The 15th of each month is the established day, although I have seen some people post a day or so earlier of later. Go to May Dreams Gardens (I have a link on the sidebar) and post when you have made your post. Carol started the whole thing and lots of people have joined in!

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