Gifts for a Gardener

This post may be a little late as Christmas has past us by over a week ago, but why not share some gifts that should make gardening easier and more fun over 2008?

For those who enjoy wildlife, birds, and the outdoors bird feeders are a necessity. We already had three bird feeders but one was slowly breaking down over the course of the past six years. It’s not ready for the trash yet so we’ll get a shepherd’s hook and put it up further back in the yard. Here is the old feeder’s replacement!

This feeder has wire pockets to put suet and a center chamber for the seed. The cedar wood is pretty weather resistant.

To help measure the rain water that we receive I was given an electronic rain gauge. Once I put the rain gauge up it will collect water in its funnel like collection dish. An electronic signal gets sent from the outside unit to one that I will keep inside. It will keep a daily total and a yearly total that can both be cleared manually. My father-in-law has a similar device and likes to keep track of the rain totals on a wall calendar, not a bad idea!

To work around the house and in the garden I received three pairs of gloves and I have no doubt that I will use all three! You can never have enough heavy duty gloves to work with. I’ll probably keep one pair in the car so whenever I visit relatives I’ll have a pair to use for whatever chores need done!

As every gardener knows, you’ll have to dig! Another shovel is just the thing. This one is a short handled spade type that should come in handy!

Here’s one that should see a lot of use. My parents know of my interest in plant propagation and have helped to propagate that interest with a mini-greenhouse! I have been using a set of plastic shelves in the garage with an aquarium on top. I’ve sheltered some of my cuttings in the aquarium and set up the light with a timer. Now I’ll be able to cover all the plants so they can retain their heat better! Now I just need some heat mats! Those were my gardening related Christmas gifts for 2007!