Giving Valentine’s Day Flowers that Last

Here are the flowers I gave my wife for Valentine’s Day. I like to give flowers that you can plant in the garden when they are done blooming. It seems wasteful to just buy a bouquet and let them fade away. Once the weather is warm enough I’ll but them outside where we can enjoy them next spring.

Here are the two pink carnations for our little girls. When I bought them the flower lady told me in a slightly condescending way that carnations are for appreciation. I had no idea that individual flowers had specific meanings. I don’t think my 2 1/2 year old and almost 3 months old care about any silly meanings. All they know is that mommy and daddy got them a pretty flower, and that’s probably all that matters!

3 thoughts on “Giving Valentine’s Day Flowers that Last

  1. robbinscabin

    And who says you can’t “appreciate” your girls on Valentine’s Day! Girls love flowers no matter what they stand for. And as a wife who has received rose bushes for my bday I completely agree with giving plants…they have more meaning.

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