Name That Plant!

Name That Plant!

Can you identify this plant? We shot this shrub in California in June of 2005 . It was at the entrance of an airplane museum at Edward’s Air Force Base.


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  1. Is it Vitex agnus-castus?

  2. I looked at it again and agree with tina above=a vitex or we call it Chaste Tree Lilac

  3. It does look like one of my butterfly bushes…

  4. It is Beautiful, whatever it is. Looks similar to a butterfly bush that we had at a prior home.
    Does it attract butterflies??

  5. That’s pretty gorgeous. Is it a Vitex?

  6. I won’t confirm it yet but here are the two guesses so far:

    Vitex or Chaste Tree
    Butterfly Bush

    I can see where people might think either one of these.

  7. The leaves on my puter look a little like rosemary too. Wish I was smelling it and looking closer at the leaf.

  8. I think the Butterfly bush some are suggesting is Buddleia davidii and that’s an intelligent guess, but I’m pretty sure this is Vitex agnus-castus.

  9. So far now we have:

    Butterfly Bush
    Audrey II

    Well I suppose everyone should have a name why not Audrey II. One question, who was Audrey the First? 😉

  10. You’ve obviously never seen the movie Little Shop of Horrors. Audrey II was the name of the man-eating plant voiced by Leo Stubbs of the Four Tops. Audrey I was the ditzy flower arranger at the flower shop the plant was named after!

  11. Looks like ceanothus to me.

  12. Could this be some type of sage?

  13. Oh that Audrey! I haven’t seen or heard anything about Little Shop of Horrors in years. Didn’t catch the reference. 🙂

  14. If it is Southern California my guess is Salvia leucantha…..
    purple sage….did you smell the crushed leaves?
    Rees Cowden
    No Brown Thumbs

  15. Is this plant a Buddleia “Blue Chip”

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