Nature’s Water Features

Scenes from nature often can offer inspiration and ideas for people to imitate. Here are some of nature’s water features.

5 thoughts on “Nature’s Water Features

  1. Skeeter

    BEAUTIFUL Pictures Dave!
    Being an animal lover, my favorite is the deer getting its feet wet!

    We have a run-off creek in our front woods. During the drought last year, the thing was bone dry! It has been running a bit lately with some good rainfalls. We have salamanders, frogs and crawfish.

  2. Dave

    Thanks for the compliments!

    I have to share the credit with my wife. Some of the pictures are hers and some are mine but it’s been a while so we really don’t remember which is which. Although I do remember taking the deer picture and she remembers taking the close up of the water.

  3. Sherry

    OH…..Man……to be in all that beauty right now….it would be wonderful. Instead I’m looking out at a dreary, yucky, dismal grey afternoon.

    Thanks for that little break from winter. LOVE the pictures!

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