Tennessee Garden Bloggers are Growing!

What else would you expect with garden blogs but to be growing? Two newcomers are on the scene for Tennessee growing the total to five (that I know about). Gail at Clay and Limestone and Craig at Harvistry. Both blogs appear to have unique content that is worth a look!

Gail’s title refers to the content of most soil in Tennessee. Clay and limestone make up a good portion of our land so the best thing is to amend, make raised beds, or go native!

Craig is documenting his back patio gardening and is a professional landscape designer.

Go drop in and welcome these new garden bloggers to the neighborhood!

6 Replies to “Tennessee Garden Bloggers are Growing!”

  1. Well, good for Tennesee, the volunteer state. From what I see all the Tennesseans are doing a great job. Welcome, Y’all !

  2. This is great for you all. I wish more there were more bloggers in my area. It is so nice to see what others are doing in the same area so you could get ideas about what to plant, etc.

    Jan Always Growing

  3. Thanks for letting us know about our new follow bloggers, Dave! Pretty soon, the Tennessee crew will be rivaling the Austinites.

  4. Um, me again. Dave, next time you communicate with your cohorts, would you ask them to consider allowing the “Name/URL” identity option for comments, so those of us who don’t have Google/Blogger accounts or Open ID can leave responses on their posts?

  5. Dave,

    Thank you for the fine welcome and sharing my blog info. I really feel honored.

    I was just saying to Tina, one of the other Tennessee gardeners, that who knew that blogging would be a part time job. Huge learning curve for my generation.

    Again than you,


  6. thanks for letting me know about harvistry. i had found gail on frances blog but would never have found harvistry.

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