Moss in the Yard and Garden

Moss in the garden is a curious thing. Some people can’t stand it in their yards. They view it as a blemish in their finely manicured landscape where they think there should be grass. I think differently. Why replace the moss with anything else? It’s green year round, it grows in a trouble spot, and it prevents erosion.
Moss thrives where other plants don’t like to go. Rocky soils that don’t sustain other plants are no problem for moss. What is really interesting about moss is that it gets most of it’s nutrients from the air. All it needs is moisture and a shady environment to grow! You can even help the moss along by taking some moss, buttermilk , and water in roughly equal proportions and mixing them in a blender. Pour the liquefied moss on the area you want it, keep it moist, and watch it grow!

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12 Replies to “Moss in the Yard and Garden”

  1. Looks like home to me, Dave! Our whole property from the very back to the street is a north facing slope, moss paradise, even the sunnier spots. There are so many different kinds too, wish I knew how to identify them. Sounds like a good topic for a post! Oh wait, you just did one, maybe after a little while. ;->

    Frances at Faire Garden

  2. Dave,

    I was just squishing through the moss
    behind my shed. I love it, too. So many shades of green. The moss in the Warner Parks is very beautiful.Maybe I should try moss in the front yard? Good idea Dave.


  3. Dave,

    I meant to say the moss in the Warner Parks is beautiful, I see it when I walk there and wondered if you all had ever been to these parks? Good wildflower viewing and good walking.


  4. It is dainty. I had some but it dried up this year due to our drought.

  5. love moss in my garden too! just sometimes i have to pull the grass out of it. don’t like that part.

  6. Frances,

    I don’t know much about identifying them. That would take some research!


    I haven’t been to the Warner parks. Sounds like a good place to visit though. It might work in your from yard, create a moss garden!


    That drought was nasty to a lot of things. I hope we don’t have a repeat this year. The moss probably just went dormant, I bet with some rain it will come back strong.


    Grass can ruin things can’t it! Moss has that nice smooth and soft texture to it like a carpet. A little grass could interrupt the look.

  7. I have a lot of moss in the back yard where we have rain run-off issues. At first I was taking it out but one day it hit me how beautiful lush and green it was so I just let it go! It now fills the cracks of the stepping stones around the patio and grill area and the landing outside of the shed. Strange thing is, in the middle of my flower garden which is mostly sunny; the center planter is covered with moss! I am shocked that it can grow in the sun too! Must be a sun loving moss type… I think the moss adds character to a garden…

  8. Dave, I can’t wait to cover lawns in my gardening class. This is going to be the first thing people ask, how to get rid of the moss. I agree with you, there is no reason to get rid of it!

  9. I think moss is beautiful! I didn’t know about the buttermilk mixture — I’ll remember that!

  10. I love moss, but it isn’t something you see a lot of, probably because of the dry periods that we have from time to time. But I do have some gate posts that I’m definitely going to try your trick for multiplying moss on…

  11. Skeeter,

    Moss in the cracks is a great look. Sometimes moss can take the heat of the sun. It does prefer those shady areas though!


    I don’t understand why people don’t like it. I guess it doesn’t follow the traditional way of maintaining a lawn.


    Good luck with your buttermilk moss! It would work great spread on a rock. You could use a paint brush to be more precise with where you put it.


    Thanks for visiting from South Africa! We have dry periods also here but the moss goes dormant until the rains come back. Good luck on those gate posts!

  12. Yes, I agree. I love moss in those shady woodland spots where other things don’t tend to grow. It lends such a cool and peaceful feel to the place! Nice post!

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