Seed Starting Status Update #1 (Ornamental Seeds)

Here is the current list of seeds I have started so far. Only a few seedlings have popped up but more will come. It is still early and conditions outside are just now starting to warm up. I’m starting them in the garage under the cover of my mini-greenhouse and some plastic containers turned upside down as propagators. Spending $5.00 on one plastic container is much cheaper than buying a specially made seed propagator.

Here’s the list (so far):

  • Coleus ‘Wizard Mix’
  • Blue Fescue (Ornamental Grass)
  • Lavender Lady (Lavandula angustifolia ‘Lady’)
  • Rudbeckia seed I collected last fall
  • Nepeta nervosa ‘Blue Carpet’ (Catmint)
  • Salvia splendens ‘Flare’
  • Cercis canadensis (Redbud seeds I collected in the fall and stratified over the winter)
  • Verbena (from an annual verbena I collected last fall)
  • Capsicum annuum (A variegated ornamental pepper)
  • Hosta Mix (yep you can start Hostas from seed!)

I’ll be starting the vegetable seeds later in the week. I may have left out one or two on this list but there will be plenty of time to talk seeds!

10 Replies to “Seed Starting Status Update #1 (Ornamental Seeds)”

  1. Good going, Dave. I will be interested to see how the saved rudbeckia does, that is something we want more of. We just scattered the seed heads in the area outside recently and stepped on them, that is the lazy gardener’s method.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  2. you are a busy gardener…

  3. You sure have a jump on pretty things to come!

  4. Dave,

    I am of the broadcast on the ground, good luck growing school of gardening when it comes to seeds. I expect you have more success than I do!


  5. I’ll share the results of course when I have something to share!

  6. Dave, the Hosta seeds should be interesting. Yes, as you said, Hosta grow from seeds, they seed around in my garden like crazy. I love to see if I get anything different, so far, they’re all pretty basic but they’re hosta and I still like them.

    Rudbeckia? I have enough for every blog here to have one.

  7. Dave, I’ve been following your propagation projects since you started your blog, and I have to wonder where exactly you plan to plant all of this stuff! Or, do you plan to hit a lot of plant swaps this spring? I can easily imagine your local gardening groups being thrilled to see you coming with flats full of potted cuttings and seedlings!

  8. Melanie,

    We love hostas around here but don’t have many in the landscape. The seeds are kind of an experiment for me. It should be interesting to see what kind of foliage they present!

    Rudbeckia does seed prolifically!


    Plant swaps are one place I hope to visit this year but our landscape was completely devoid of plants when we started so many of them will find homes here in our yard. Although I only want a couple of the plums! Most of what I do for propagation is for me to learn how to do it better. Who knows maybe one day I’ll open a nursery!

  9. Nan,

    I’m Dave’s wife and I wonder where he is going to put all of the plants too. 🙂


  10. Well, Jenny – he could be getting into worse trouble. You may be hosting a backyard business before you know it!

    Oh, sorry Dave…don’t mind us…

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