Blue Skies Smiling at Me

This morning I went out to tinker in the garden and had to capture some of images of the clear blue skies overhead. I was out taking cuttings on this cool spring-like morning that I’ll share a with you later today.

The sky began as mostly overcast with a few spots of blue shining through.

Soon the overcast skies gave way to puffy cottonball-like clouds on a background of blue.

The clouds were parting above our Tulip poplar, the state tree of Tennessee.

As I finished feeding the birds I took one last picture of the sky. A clear day is ahead, have a good one!

10 thoughts on “Blue Skies Smiling at Me

  1. Lola

    Beautiful blue sky. Ours is white as we just had another real good shower, a bit hard but all the same it’s water. Much needed here as I’m sure other places too.

  2. Eve

    Those are smashing pictures. I wish I had a better camera. I would like to get a pic of the clouds over the Gulf in the morning.

    We had a little shower here this afternoon, but I live on the Coast so that is expected. It doesn’t last long and it cools things down. I have not done anything but pick a few veggies today. I have to make sure I am going to have enough tomatoes ripe in time for our fourth of July, karoke/fireworks party, which we ar holding outside., we have it every year. Pray it doesn’t rain on Friday afternoon for us. Karoke works so much better without rain and lightning. LOL

  3. Dave


    You were definitely right, what a great day! The weather was perfect.


    I’m glad you liked the song! Jenny said that was her first favorite song.


    I hope some comes your way. We had about an inch the other night on the front end of the cool front. We needed it badly!

    Thanks Nancy!


    I think that is everyone’s number one request right now! We could still use a few more inches. I hope July isn’t dry.


    I’m glad you enjoyed the post! There are a lot of perspectives to look at from the garden, I guess up is one we don’t always think about.


    I bet those pictures would be stunning! Good luck on your karaoke night, I find that karaoke works best without me! 😉

    Thanks Gail, it was!

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