Project Patio: Update 2

This week we’ve gotten some serious work done on the patio area but there is quite a lot still to do; isn’t there always? Thursday I brought a truckload of sand to cover the gravel. The sand helps when setting the stones in place by creating a soft layer that is easily manipulated for leveling the stones.

Here is how it looks with 250+ paving stones put in place. They are made of concrete and shaped to look like rustic cobblestones. I need to set about 150-200 more paving stones to complete the patio. Some of those stones will need to be cut to fit the irregular shaped corners and curves. That’ll be fun!

This was hard work but I had a lot of help from my brother-in-law Matt. Thanks!

Here’s the beginning of the patio project.

8 Replies to “Project Patio: Update 2”

  1. Looking good Dave. That is alot of paving stones!

  2. Looks good and glad you had some help. How are you going to connect it to the deck?

  3. Thanks PG!

    Yes by back is telling the same thing!


    Connecting the two together will require some creativity since the septic line actually goes underneath the ideal spot. That’s why I have the patio set over where it is, just in case the line ever needs dug out. What I’ll do is build a mini landing that will be removable over that area. It will act as a bridge between the areas. Then I’ll mulch over the line itself and lay stepping stones to make a pathway. This patio project will take several steps to complete!

  4. David's Mom says:

    Looks like you made some serious progress yesterday. It looks great!


  5. PG,

    I should have said “My back is saying the same thing!”

    Thanks mom!

  6. I really enjoy reading your blog, and your tips for economical gardening are wonderful–I look forward to seeing how your patio turns out. By the way, how do you cut the stone?

  7. Your patio looks wonderful, and I like your idea of a “bridge” to join the two elements. Brilliant.

  8. Looking good and from one brick layer to another, I feel your back pains…. LOL..

    You are a brave soul as I would not tackle this project in the summer months! Spring or Fall for me…

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