The Difference a Few Months Makes in the Garden

The Difference a Few Months Makes in the Garden

The passage of time in relation to plants is an amazing thing. I was looking back the other day at some old pictures from this past spring and was amazed at how different everything looks today. What was once a nearly barren bed in the front of our house has grown tremendously. The tulips of springtime faded and the front sidewalk garden changed completely into an entirely new entity.

Just look how small the plants look in spring. I was very happy with the tulips at the time but compared to them the rest of the garden appears lacking.

Today it is full of perennials, a few annuals and the foundation plantings have grown significantly. the butterfly bush is five times the size as it was last season. It will need some major trimming if I am to keep it there. The yews and euonymous have doubled in size although I am strongly considering removing the euonymnous. They look fantastic but are spreading and spreading fast. The mums are popping out with their red flowered blooms hearkening the coming of the fall season. The coreopsis have faded after pushing forth their bountiful blooms but the Russian sages in the front have born blossoms all summer and are showing very few signs of stopping. In fact the garden bed on the closest side of the picture wasn’t even there when the first shots of spring were taken.

Here is the new section of the sidewalk garden from ground level, or at least as close as I can crouch! Far in the back are the asters from last fall are blooming again with their purple flowers. Purple seems to be a theme in the front garden, with an occasional yellow-orange plant for a contrasting color.

The silver mound artemisia was a new addition this year. I really like how it is spilling out onto the sidewalk with its soft feathery foliage. It definitely lives up to its name! I’d like to add a few more rocks for ornamental reasons into the garden.

I know that summer is still officially the season but with the weather taking a turn toward cooler temperatures it really makes one reflect on the year’s successes. This is what is great about blogging about your garden, you see it all as it happens and after it happens! You can truly reflect on the garden’s accomplishments. Of course you could do that with just a camera, but it wouldn’t be as fun!


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 4 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave has a side business growing and selling heirloom vegetables and herb plants through Blue Shed Gardens and works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. Hi Dave, what a great difference in the front walkway garden. The soft silvery foliage is a great softener of the hard walkway. Your perovskia is wonderful. Mine struggles so but I see it thriving in other places, maybe it is too dry here. Those red mums are a great color choice too. I think I would move the butterfly bush and put an evergreen of some kind there. Just my two cents. ;->

    Frances at Fairegarden
    new url

  2. Your gardens have come quiet a ways. They are looking very good. And have filled in nicely. Next yr. will be even better. You may have to enlarge your gardens to provide enough room for them.

  3. Frances,

    An evergreen would be nice. Although you can’t see it too well right now there is a small bird’s nest spruce hiding in there somewhere! I do have an arborvitae waiting to be planted once it arrives so that may be a possibility. I do like the butterflies by the house though!

  4. Lola,

    Enlarging the garden isn’t a problem for me, although my wife may think otherwise! I hope that the yew continues to grow well and fills in a bit more!

  5. Isn't it amazing the transformation from spring to summer. I really like the new addition along the sidewalk, really softens up the hard edges of that concrete. That butterfly bush is definitely going to outgrow his space quick. Mine gets enormous every year and I cut it back 12-16" from the ground each winter. 🙂 Your fall garden is looking quite lovely with the red mums, purple asters & the touches of yellow & silver.

  6. It does look very different! I love that silvermound very much. Mine died out:( Just like my caryopteris and it sure seems I kill an awful lot of plants sometimes. Glad to see they do well somewhere:)

  7. Looking really good Dave! I really do like before and after pictures to keep up with progress…

    My butterfly bushes are about 8 feet tall and just as wide! I cut them back each spring to about 3 feet tall… They are in full sun and that may make a difference…

  8. I like the butterfly bush where it is. You are just going to have to hack it back every year.

  9. The boss has spoken!

  10. It all happens so fast! It looks good Dave. I like the artemesia, too. I think that spillers soften a sidewalk and also are good foils for purples. I do all my bed enlarging in stealth mode! Only kidding Jenny!


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