The Garden Blogger Fall Color Project

With fall fast approaching and some areas of the world already beginning to see the shades of autumn leaves appearing I thought it might be a fun idea to track where the peak colors are changing. I hope you’ll jump in and participate in this project!

Here’s the idea:
1) Take pictures of the peak fall colors near you and post about them on your blog. Be sure to tell us some details of where the pictures were taken and what kind of trees are pictured. It doesn’t have to be in your yard, just somewhere near you.
2) Then report back to this post and let me know that you’ve posted your peak post. I’ll link to your post so that everyone may enjoy your fall color display.
3) Be sure to identify your City, State (or province) and Country in your post and in the link.
4) Also please be sure to link back to this post to encourage others to participate!

In theory we should be able to follow the transition of peak times from far in the north to as far south as the leaves change color. Sorry to those folks in the deep south or in the tropics this is more of a cooler climate event.

I’ll post the most recent 5 blog posts in my sidebar with a link to a summary post that will include some of the details of each fall color location. All bloggers are welcome to participate, it’s not just for garden bloggers! So quickly go out there and take some fall color pictures in their prime before the trees get naked!

48 thoughts on “The Garden Blogger Fall Color Project

  1. lola

    Sure would be great to see all the beautiful colors from different parts of the world. We do have a few trees that change but it is so far into the winter. Some parts are pretty but for the most part all is evergreen. Even the oak in my back yard doesn’t loose it’s leaves {if you can call them that} until almost Feb.
    Super great idea.

  2. Skeeter

    In the 8 years I have lived near Augusta, GA. we have only had one really nice colorful fall. We have been in drought conditions for about 6 of those 8 years and I think that may play a part with little color.

    But there is always one or two trees which stand out though. I will be looking for them…

  3. Dave


    With Blogger you can add a picture element to your sidebar. Then when it asks for the location of the picture cut and paste the location from the picture here. It shoudl also have a spot to link it up to. Copy the post location: and paste it in the right spot and save. Blogger makes it easy. You could also use html code to make a link and replace the text with the picture location.

  4. Rose

    Dave, I found your post through a link on Tina’s and Dawn’s blog–this is a great idea! I live in central Illinois, and the leaves are just beginning to show a hint of color, so it will be a couple of weeks before I can participate. It will be interesting to see the fall show change in different parts of the country.

  5. Garden Girl

    I’m new to your blog, but I wanted to say that this is a GREAT idea! I liven in the deep south where leaves just turn brown and fall … grrr! But I am enjoying the beautiful fall colors through your blog and the others who are participating.

  6. Shady Gardener

    Hi Dave, I’ve published two posts about our fall color this past week. I have one more to create with our bushes in the next day or so. When I do, I’ll make sure I’ll add a link to your site. This is a good project!
    I’m zone 4 – 5a, in SE Iowa.

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