6 Replies to “Some Days You Get Rain…”

  1. The rain has us baffled as it just will not come our way. Even all the Tropical Storms are by-passing us. sigh…

  2. We've been getting rain since yesterday afternoon & now some stronger wind. My trees are losing their dead branches. The poor cardinal must be hungry to sit out in the rain eating.

  3. Nice picture.
    Even here in Chicago Gustave dumped a full day of rain.
    Cardinals were very active in a tree out back. I think a young fledgling must have been stuck there by the rain. It made lots of noise for a very long time,with a couple of anxious parents hovering nearby.Something was going on but to high up for me to investigate.

    How is the rain garden working out? When it rains really hard for a long period of time ours becomes a bit of a pond but quickly drains as the rain lessens. Next year the planting should look very full.I am adding an aronia started from a cutting last year. It has grown considerably in its pot.Only three stems but about 3ft tall. Do you think I should protect it from the rabbits until it gets bigger?

  4. Poor little bird does look a bit bedraggled. Does your seed get wet too. Messy as it mildews so fast.
    Looks as though Ike may furnish some rain before it is done. Hanna hit N.C. beaches.
    Stay dry.

  5. Poor thing! The hummingbirds were also out in it, but hey one has to eat-rain or not.

  6. I think that’s the wettest cardinal I’ve ever seen!
    Can you believe we are not going to have rain from one of those storms. Hanna’s too far east (won’t cross those mountains) and Gustav’s to far west. And not a drop for us. It’s all overcast though, and I keep hoping for a popup shower.

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