When the Color in the Trees leaves…

…One looks to the sky.

11 thoughts on “When the Color in the Trees leaves…

  1. JJ

    Oh that’s gorgeous. Love it.

    While you’re still doing the fall colours, you might be interested in this post by Callan Bentley at the NOVA Geoblog (my other blog is a geology blog…).

    He’s shot photos from his apartment window over the past month and a half, and you can see how the colours are all changing. I was very surprised to suddenly see the road when sufficient leaves had fallen!

  2. Dave


    It does disappear quickly, but that’s what makes it so special. 🙂


    Cold weather brings out the color in the sunrises. I think the air is clearer and the angle of the sun creates a setting that is excellent for viewing.


    Thanks! I take a look at his post, sounds interesting!


    You caught it! 😉

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