Name that Seed (There’s a Prize This Time!)

This week’s name that seed might be a challenge.  The seeds are in the exact state that I found them in however they do not look exactly like they would if they were freshly formed on a tree.  Here is your one clue: the tree prefers shade.  All answers should be posted by the morning of Monday December 22, 2008 when I’ll reveal the seed.

The Prize:
The first Name that Seed participant to correctly identify the seed will receive one pair of boots donated by Muck and Stuff.  These Muck Boots look like they would be real handy for gardening chores in wet rainy weather like we have now! In the event of a tie (two responses simultaneously posted) we’ll do the high-tech method for determining winners…flip a coin!  Name that Seed is open to anyone reading this post so I’d like to encourage everyone especially if you aren’t a regular commenter to participate. 

The Daily Garden – one of three possible prizes.

8 Replies to “Name that Seed (There’s a Prize This Time!)”

  1. I have no idea but then I am in the Uk so may not recognise this tree anyway – my best guess is Pisachio but I strongly suspect this is wrong

  2. Gee, I thought the other seed was hard! I recognize it as a wild seed I think, but don’t know the name. And anyone, don’t go off my tip as I am most likely wrong:) I’ll ponder it a bit.

  3. Hi Dave….Is it a dogwood? Since you’ve cleaned them off a bit! Gail

  4. I wish I knew this one Dave, what a great prize!

  5. They look like a type of melon seed but since melons don’t grow on trees, at least not up here, that negates my guess. I Googled “dogwood tree seeds” for images and saw a few that resembled yours. But I still won’t say for sure. Anyway, I already have a pair of Muck and Stuff clogs exactly like those pictured and can vouch for their quality. I use mine a lot when it’s rainy and muddy. Of course, I’m not recommending you work in the garden on such days.

  6. What an awesome prize. Wish I knew the answer!

  7. Hey Dave,

    This is a tough one, I’m not sure…just to guess something I will say that they are seeds from a southern magnolia tree.

  8. hi dave i believe it’s a ginko seed thanks benjie

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