Return of the Gardener

The gardener returned to the garden today from his voyage across Tennessee.  From his home, to the lands of the cedar glades, and to the western lowlands he crossed the miles in only trio of days.  Friends from long ago were coming to visit from the northern winterlands and he had to return in time to see to their hospitality.  Today the gardener returned to the garden. 

The gardener entered cautiously into the boggy soil paying careful attention to the shifting ground still soaked from frequent rains.  He observed the changes brought about by moisture and freezes, the unseasonably warm temperatures and the snowfall.  The hardy verbenas were turned to mush, a casualty of the hidden sun and weeping rain.  The ravenous rabbits gorged themselves upon the evergreen chutes of the liriope while the gardener was away.  Leaves layered for mulch shifted and traveled, not far, but far enough to appear unkempt and unruly. The ravages of winter were present but so too were the signs of an emergence of spring still months away.  Cool season weeds were emerging from their slumber.  Wild onions, henbit, and chickweed were continuing their assault on the garden.  The gardener chose not to engage in combat with these enemies.  Today was for reconnaissance and not battle. Good things were happening as well.  Daffodils were peeking above the mulch, raising their leaves like little periscopes peering above the water.  Buds on the crabapple and viburnums were continuing to swell bringing hope that this spring will be just as good if not better than any before. 

The gardener returned and the gardener found that there was much work to do.

6 Replies to “Return of the Gardener”

  1. It’s like that when we return…the chores are lined up at the door waiting for us! I hope you had a good visit and a wonderful holiday! Isn’t tomorrow supposed to be a nice day for weeding!

    Happy New Year!


  2. Welcome back Dave! Thanks for taking us along on your ‘recon’ of the garden. I bet it was great to be back. My daffys are not up yet. It is so early still but spring is on her way.

  3. Hi Dave, yes, just looking around first and making those mental notes of what needs doing and the priorities, where to begin? Look out weeds, he’s back!

  4. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Oh, but you’ll have so much fun with your gardening that it won’t seem like work!


  5. I’m sure the garden is happy to have its’ tender back! I’ve had to do my own recon work the past week Dave. Those winter weeds just take over when you’re not looking. Glad to know I’m not the only one with signs of spring emerging. I don’t remember the daffs coming up so early last year though. Maybe I forgot? 😉

  6. Seems as though those weeds grow over night. No matter how short of time that you are away they keep growing. Looks like winter they would sleep also.
    I have a couple things coming up but it is too soon. Crazy weather has so many things confused–even me. lol

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