A Spectacular Snowy Owl Photo

I got a few more pictures this morning of the Snowy Owl here in Spring Hill, TN from Pete.  The first one can only be described as spectacular with a sunrise in the background.  He also managed to get a  few close-ups!



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8 thoughts on “A Spectacular Snowy Owl Photo

  1. Kylee

    Thanks so much for sharing these, Dave! Both my husband and I are enamored with owls, since we have one that visits Our Little Acre on a regular basis. We have yet to get a good picture of it, though. It’s a Great Horned Owl.

  2. Gail


    it is a beautiful owl…thank you for finding the photos for us! I love owls..we can hear a hunting pair of great horned owls in our backyard during the winter…It is wonderful.


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