A Little Green Roof

A Little Green Roof

Now wouldn’t this be cool to have in the yard? No not the gnomes, the green roof! I took this picture last year at the Bloom’N Garden Expo in Williamson County last year. It’s a great example of nature and man working together to make something good for both. Green roofs are catching on all over because they help to ease water runoff. I’m not ready to build my shed yet but when I do this is something that I am considering. The green roof consists of several layers designed to prevent water from leaking into the structure and to provide growing material for the plants. Green roofing systems tend to be a little more expensive than conventional roofing systems but the cost equalizes over time.

This particular green roof would make a perfect little house for the family pet or could easily be constructed on playhouse for the kids (hmm … there’s an idea!). The plants on top consist of sedums, Hen’s and chicks (Sempervivums), phlox and a few other miscellaneous plantings. Generally drought tolerant plants that have shallow root systems work best.

This might be the closest I can get to my own hobbit hole!

For more information on green roofs check out Growild.


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  1. That’s pretty neat — I have seen some green roofs recently. It is an idea that I think will catch on, not only for the green aspect, but for the additional growing space it can provide, too.

  2. it is cute and perfect for when you build a playhouse for the girls. I would love a full sized green roof on my mosaic shed…gail

  3. This is cute! It would be fun to come up with another creative idea to use a green roof like this!

  4. It is cute indeed. Perfect for the kiddos and the garden. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full sized one on a shed?

  5. That is very neat. I think green roofs are the next big thing. I’ve been hearing so much about them lately.

  6. I came across a similar structure and greenroof. I’m trying to sweet talk the spouse into building something similar for the little guy. Hey, I had to re-follow you because somehow I was booted from the group. I think I lost you as well, at least I don’t see you anymore on my web page.

  7. Hanging with your Gnomies, Dave? Frankly, I'm scared of gnomes. Every year around Xmas time, the front doorbell rings at night and when I answer the door, no one's there except this gnome. I now have 6 gnomes. I keep them locked in the garage, lest they find me when I'm sleeping and set fire to the bed or choke me. Hey, don't laugh. Gnomes do stuff like this. I read about it in Better Gnomes & Gardens.

  8. I have never heard of this before, well, except for Carraba’s. We need this in Florida since we have no gutters, which I still find wierd.


  9. When we neglect the storage shed, it becomes a green roof full of mildew! Arggg not the beautiful roof you show. I would like to do this on top of our unused tree house. It would be so neat but too tall in the air for my bones to climb a ladder…

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