The Tree Line

This time of year is always very special. The leaves are coming out on all the trees and the barren treeline in the backyard becomes a lush forest of greenery.

The treeline is filled with maples, tulip poplars, sassafras and small variety of other trees.

3 thoughts on “The Tree Line

  1. Shady Gardener

    You’re quite a bit ahead of us! It will be nice to see the tree line when it comes. However, right now I’m enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine while the trees are still “bare.” Looks like you were enjoying a beautiful day! 🙂

  2. Kim

    We don’t have a lot of leaves yet, and the ashes, as always, are bringing up the rear. Of course, most of my trees are ash, and because we have so many, we don’t have a tree line. I guess we ARE the tree line. I can’t wait until we’re at your stage of leafing out.

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