Viburnum and Spirea Cuttings

Last summer I took cuttings from one of my viburnums and a couple spireas. They have a good start this year and are beginning to put on new growth. The viburnum came from a softwood cutting that was about 3-4 nodes long. I need to transplant it into some better soil since all I used for it over the winter was some topsoil. Cutting corners on your soil is not a great idea! As you can see my viburnum is beginning to flower. I need to remove the flower to focus the plant’s energy on root building and foliage growing.

The spireas make easy candidates for hardwood cuttings. A four node cuttings should root in less than six weeks and does so very reliably. I used rooting hormone (which you can find here: rooting hormone (Am. Aff.)) for the viburnum and spireas to help stimulate root growth and followed the usual procedures for taking cuttings. I may go ahead and plant these somewhere in the garden and see how well they do. As long as the rabbits don’t attack they should do fine!

I plan on taking cuttings from our other viburnums as soon as there is enough greenwood this spring. Time to get outside and take cuttings!

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8 thoughts on “Viburnum and Spirea Cuttings”

  1. Is that the snowball bush? It looks just like my little cuttings. I was surprised they made it as many did not, like fothergilla:(( Free plants are great!

  2. Spireas as so great to propagate (as are hydrangeas). One year I trimmed my spirea and hydrangea and threw the cuttings into the compost pile. When I harvested compost the next summer I found multiple new spirea bushes and hydrangeas bushes. Easiest propagation I ever did.

  3. This is a great idea and very useful information. I may give this a try in my garden this fall. THANK YOU for sharing. I am going to add your blog to my favorite list so I can come back often.

    Happy Spring!

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