Three Garden Products

Recently I was sent three products to take a look at that could be used in the garden world fro various functions. specializes in customizing various products for companies and groups to make unique individual promotional products. The three items they sent me to look at were a tape measure, a water bottle, and a garden bag that is convertible into a seat.

The promotional tape measure works like all tape measures should. It’s accurate and does the job.  I just used it the other day to space out some grape vines when I planted them in the garden as well as another project that I can’t reveal just yet. (You’ll have to come back to find out!) It extends out to 25 feet long and has the standard mechanism for holding the tape measure in place.

The promotional BPA free water bottle can obviously be used in multiple applications from sporting events to weeding in the garden on a hot and humid summer day.  Since my wife brings a water bottle to work each day I thought I would let her review the water bottle. Here’s what she had to say:

I bring a water bottle to work every day to have with lunch, so I have definite ideas about what I want in a bottle.  This bottle is pretty serviceable and may suit you very well.  On the positive side it is BPA free and does not seem to leach the plastic taste into the water as quickly as my other bottles.  The bottle has a round hole in the lid that is good for slipping a finger in to carry while your hands are full. I use this feature all the time.  Another nifty aspect of this design that is not on a lot of other bottles is a latch on the lid.  When the lid is closed, it latches and a button releases the latch for use.  I really appreciate this feature because it ensures that I will not accidentally open the top and spill water all over my car.  Some of the drawbacks include the mouth and the lack of measuring marks.  The bottle uses a squeeze bottle/sports drink design.  I really prefer to drink as if from a cup rather than put a plastic piece in my mouth, but, given the abundance of the squeeze bottle designs on the market, I may be in the minority with my preference.  I also like to keep up with how many ounces I drink in a day.  The bottle has no indication of any measurement on the bottle.  My guess is that it is 16 ounces, but I am not really sure.  A mark every four ounces on the side would be an improvement.  Overall this water bottle seems sturdy and the hard plastic will help it survive the rigors of commuting and lunch at the desk. It probably would do well outside too! ~ Jenny

The last item was a promotional two in one garden bag and seat.  This was pretty nifty in that you can carry your handtools in the bag while on your way out to the garden and bring the seat along too. Once you’re out in the garden you can easily remove the seat from the bag by unsnapping the four buttons that hold the two parts together. Inside the bag is a nice lined compartment ready made for holding dirty tools, small dirty pots, or even seeds.  The outside of the bag has multiple pockets for all your handtools.  The seat works great if you’re out in the garden suckering tomaotes (like I need to be doing) or just lounging around under the cool quiet shade of your favorite tree.  The only downside on this bag, and it might be this one bag in particular, is one stubborn button that didn’t like to be reconnected.

Overall the items from are of good quality and performed their function well. Since sells products in bulk orders it may not be something for the average gardener but their products might be perfect for garden clubs who want specialized promotional products. They would also be great for nurseries for promotional uses.

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  1. I bet it’s fun to test products. I guess you have to send a review of some sort back to the company?

  2. Sounds as though you have some nice things there to test out. I don't know about the bag/seat thingy. I couldn't use it at all.

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