A Beautiful August Weekend!

What a beautiful fall preview weekend we were granted this weekend! This fall has been very unusual with moderate to cool temperatures here in Tennessee. I hope you we’re able to enjoy the weekend outdoors, I know I did! Here’s a couple pictures I took of the nice weather.

 The wild goldenrod on our slope will soon be blooming which will signify the beginning of the end of summer. Soon the beginning of fall will be here with fall colors starting to change all over the northern hemisphere. This would be a good time to mention the Fall Color Project! Last year I invited all bloggers (garden or otherwise) to show the colors of nature all around them. So many people participated that we were able to see colors from all over North America and Europe. The goal was to track the spectacular color changes as they travel south. I’ll be putting together a post with the details soon but for now please take a look back at what everyone did last year and pass the word around, Fall is coming and so are the colors!

6 thoughts on “A Beautiful August Weekend!

  1. Frances

    This last weekend's weather was the best we have had since I can't remember when! It was warmer walking into the house than it was outside, now that is a HUGE change! It is easy to get so much done in the garden with that kind of weather, no sweat blinding our eyes. Ahhh. I look forward to the fall color show like last year. Great idea, Dave! 🙂

  2. Jake

    I wish we had had a cool weather preview, we only reached 68 at my house and it was back up to 88 in the afternoon, boo.

    I love the Fall Colour thing and will post if I see any down here. I guess the Bald Cypress needles will turn. The other Tree's last year turned in December the week before I left to TN and KY for Christmas and some were already pushing out the new leaves when I came home January 4th.


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