Nighttime at the Arbor

While I was mowing the yard Tuesday evening I passed by the arbor multiple times where the moonflower vine was putting on quite a show. I went back after mowing and tried to take a few pictures in the dark of the nine blooms that emerged.  The challenge with taking pictures at night is movement. If you move the camera even the slightest amount all kinds of blurring occurs in the picture. I ended up using a drainage saucer from a pot to prop up the camera lens while I set the camera down to take the shot. Eliminating the human element definitely helped.
To the left of the arbor you can see the silhouette of a Japanese Maple and to the right the shadow of a crape myrtle. The moonflower fragrance was very strong with scent of the nine blooms combined with the heavy humidity. There was so much humidity in the air that as I mowed the yard a mist began to rise over the sections that were freshly cut.

Lately the weather has been very strange and very uncooperative. Constant rains have been drenching the garden leaving little to no opportunity to get anything accomplished. Thankfully Tuesday had a 6 hour dry window in the afternoon for the grass to dry out enough to mow otherwise I would lose my children in the grass the next time the girls step into the yard.

I managed to get some weeding done too, something every garden in our yard is in dire need of! Now if only the rain will stop for 48 hours and let the sun come out to play. Is it sunny where you are? If it is, I’ll gladly trade you weather forecasts!

8 thoughts on “Nighttime at the Arbor

  1. Frances

    Hi Dave, I feel your pain about the rain, but we did need it here. Your photo of the moonflowers is wonderful, I love being a tiny being looking up at the massive blooms and shadows. Maybe a little mowing can happen here someday. 🙂

  2. GardenJoy4Me

    Dear Dave .. I have to use my tripod this year ? to get some decent night photography done or it will drive me nuttier than I already am ? 😉
    You did good ! I have had NO luck with Moon Flower two years running now .. so I am jealous of your big beautiful blooms : )
    The moon was amazing last night and today is clear weather so I will be in my garden doing exactly all the chores you are aiming for .. hope the rain stops and you can get at them !

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