Reflecting on the End of The Line

The end of the line has come at last for the leaves on our trees. Today I went out and took a few pictures around the greenhouse project and happened upon this image of the trees bereft of leaves in one of the large picture windows I installed on the greenhouse and thought of the Gardening Gone Wild Picture Contest for this month “The End of the Line.”
The pale sunlight was filtered through the gray clouds that moved for a short time earlier in the afternoon. In fitting with the theme of the contest the picture highlights the end of the foliage but also shows the crooked, snaking, and branching lines that create the structure of the tree.

4 thoughts on “Reflecting on the End of The Line

  1. GardenJoy4Me

    Dear Dave .. I think you photo expresses November to the tee and sadly the end of the line for gardening this year .. it wraps it up in black and white .. gray as well of course !
    Joy : )
    PS .. the reflection in the pane of glass is perfect .. this green house will be full of life some day soon though !

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