Plant Nurseries and Resources

Here are a few plant nurseries that you may find useful.

But first a little advice on buying plants from nurseries:

Always do plenty of research before buying any plant to make sure it will do well in your garden. Check for light requirements, water needs, soil types, recommend fertilizer regimens, and pest and disease issues. Also be aware that mail order plants may not look the same as the same plant in a local nursery. The advantage mail order has over nurseries is in the variety of stock. You may not be able to find the same plants where you are. Keep in mind that pictures from  online nurseries are representative of what the plant will one day be so don’t be surprised when it doesn’t look identical!

Tennessee Plant Nurseries

Greenwood Nursery
Greenwood Nursery is your one stop shopping for Fast Growing Trees, Flowering Shrubs, Evergreen Groundcovers, Perennials, Organic Lawn Care Products, African Market Baskets.
phone:  1-800-426-0958

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