Fickle Spring

Spring weather is at best fickle. One day it’s warm and sunny with temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s then next day the weather forecasters are bringing up the “S” word – SNOW! We didn’t have any of the white stuff thankfully. Sometimes I suspect that there’s a fair amount of weather sensationalism out there where bringing it up certain words makes you stick around through the commercial break. Still cold temperatures came and left, rain came and left, and most certainly will be back.

This weekend’s weather will be good for the first half which is just what I need to get a little more done on the greenhouse. Saturday will find me sawing and hammering more siding in the gables after a quick trip for supplies. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get the outside done (except for cleaning, caulking, and painting of course!)

If I get the chance I’ll finish filling my two newest raised beds. I’ve already filled them with grass clippings, newspapers and soil will be next. I set up a cucumber trellis today but have to wait on planting for a little while at least until after April 15th and maybe longer- when the 15th comes I’ll be glued to the 10 day weather forecast! I always direct sow my cucumbers but I may start a few in peat pots to get a jump start on germination.

Here’s my Weekend Garden To-do List!

  • Greenhouse siding on the gables.
  • Add another cabinet to the inside of the greenhouse (In case you missed the post on the other two here’s the link).
  • Assemble a plant bench.
  • Fill the raised beds.
  • Mower maintenance!

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  • The patio garden is blooming with daffodils and hyacinths, isn’t spring great!

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3 Replies to “Fickle Spring”

  1. Dear Dave "fickle" some how doesn't quite grab what we are going through here .. freezing … and now they say by next weekend we will have temps in the 20's Celcius mind you .. talk about extremes ? I hope my plant babies can endure it all !

  2. Our high was 50 today, not too bad, but not a real joy working outside. We did get the patio furniture arranged, not uncovered. My pansies looked a little droopy from the really cold weather the other day. I kind of picked at them and told them to perk up!

  3. Dave,
    We know about fickle here in NC. Yesterday the deck was icy and the spring peepers were calling like crazy. Before the ice melted we had painted turtles on the turtle log.

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