How Would You like to Win a Free Shed?

How Would You like to Win a Free Shed? If you live in the UK you just might be able to! Walton Garden Buildings, a company based in the United Kingdom, is sponsoring a design your own shed contest. The idea is for people to come up with an interesting shed design then send it in to them. They will pick a design winner then build the entire shed for free. Sounds pretty neat to me, I only wish I were eligible for the contest. I suppose shipping over the ocean would cost more than the building is worth!

For those of us who can’t submit an entry, what design features would you like to see in your dream shed?

4 thoughts on “How Would You like to Win a Free Shed?

  1. Tom - 7th Street Cottage

    I'd love to have a greenhouse shed. One with windows in the roof and halfway up the wall on the south side. Insulated on the north, some old brick pavers on the floor. Just large enough to spend a few cold days hanging out in a comfy chair in the corner while the sun warms the space. Of course there would be plants. I might want to build one some day.

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