The Border Bed Outside of the Vegetable Garden

I’ve finally gotten around to one of the chores I’ve been meaning to do for two years! Amazing how that works isn’t it? You intend to do a project in the garden then you get distracted with other projects and it becomes to late to accomplish. Today I finally mulched the west side of the planting bed outside of the vegetable garden. It doesn’t look like much now but I’ve got a plan!  In previous years this area was filled with zinnias grown from seed. I never really worried much about the mulch even though it would have helped keep the weeds at bay which definitely enhances the look of the garden. Despite the weeds the zinnias always made the spot look good.  I have a few planted there but other plants will be finding their homes in the bed soon.

Because of the deer invasion I’m putting in some plants that the deer may not want to sample like Russian sage and Pineapple sage. The two aren’t related so don’t let the sage part fool you! Perovskia atriplicifolia has scented leaves that the deer should find unappetizing and the Salvia elegans has pineapple scented leaves that may or may not be attractive to deer. It blooms a bright red. From what I’ve seen deer never touch most salvias which makes pineapple sage worth trying. The boards you see in the picture will be the border of the garden. I ran out of time to get the border situated today. The grass along the fence is on the inside of the garden and will be on its way out very soon. Like I said it doesn’t look like much now but we’ll check back at the end of summer (or maybe sooner) and see how it’s doing!

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  • Touring a Hosta Garden – a few pictures from the Hosta Garden of the president of the Middle Tennessee Hosta Society.

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5 Replies to “The Border Bed Outside of the Vegetable Garden”

  1. Dave – I have a massive pineapple sage and a new one; 4 Russian sage, too. The deer don't mess with these plants.

    Lavender, nepeta and rosemary foliage all contain an oil. The deer really don't like to get the oil from these plants on them. Once a mature size, these are good border plants in deer country.

  2. Cameron,

    I've been putting in catmint and catnip all over so hopefully that is helping. The rosemary is on the list to add around the garden also! I enjoyed the article in Southern Living. It's pretty cool to see someone you know in print!

  3. Great job! Cameron was in Southern Living this month talking about her deer resistant garden so you are getting the best advice on those plants!

  4. You have the deer, I have the rabbits. They seem to have let up a little this week, probably because of the storms.

    Now, I am on insect patrol, can't seem to keep up with the spraying or even identifying what's doing the damage.


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    Is perfect

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