Sightings (Some good, some bad)

The Good:

Cherokee Purple Tomato! Yum.
This tomato delicious dark skinned tomato with the greenish shoulders is already gone, only the image remains to remember it by.
And I’ll say again…Yum!

The Good:

Raindrops, although minimal, bring hope that more is to come tomorrow!

The Bad:

A sneaky deer peeking around the corner of the garden shed just waiting for the gardener to turn his back and gang rush the garden! Oh and there’s another one somewhere around here…with antlers…

5 thoughts on “Sightings (Some good, some bad)”

  1. I can relate to the "bad." My father in law (bless him) killed a huge armadillo that has been wreaking havoc in my garden! I felt like having a party! I am diligently watching out for any of his buddies. I hope we get rain too!

  2. Oh, that's a familiar look. He's definitely scouting ahead to find food for the herd. Actually, females can have antlers, too. I've had to research the marauding bandits so much!

    We got rain last night! The thunder woke me up several times. I've not checked the depth of saturation, but the heat and humidity is supposed to fire up more storms this evening.

    It is a tough summer for even the drought-tolerant plants. This is the first really good rain here in six weeks.

  3. Dave,
    Cherokees are my favorite! Meg brought a big one home from a home visit of one of here new kids in her class. Hope you can keep those deer away!

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