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For those of us who garden in the summertime almost exclusively for the purpose of tasting that juicy red perfect tomato from the vegetable garden there’s a pretty good resource for you. It’s an Ebook called How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes written by Lucia Grimmer and Annette Welsford. Together the two tomato aficionados have assembled a handy resource for other tomato fans, both experienced and beginners, who want to grow better tomatoes.

Annette sent me a copy of the Ebook of How to Grow Juicy Tomatoes to review which I’ve only begun to delve into. It’s 80 pages long with sections that discuss a wide range of tomato topics like planting, staking, diseases, tomato pests, storage, and even hydroponics. I don’t suspect I’ll ever get into the hydroponic growing of tomatoes but I’ll admit it is very interesting stuff. One of the most useful sections would be the tomato pests and diseases chapter. The authors discuss simple tomato issues like blossom end rot to the more complicated and difficult to deal with wilts and anthracnose. Those things just sound scary!

The book is only about tomatoes so no other vegetables to confuse the tomato grower. No lettuce, no cucumbers, just tomatoes!

My only reservation in recommending the book is the Ebook format. I’m an old fashioned sit down and read a book (or look at the pictures) kind of gardener. They do have a bound book version of How to Grow Juicy Tomatoes but it costs a little more for publication reasons.  If you’re interested check out the website with more information on the book and how you can get a copy.

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of the Ebook for review purposes. 


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  1. This looks like a great resource.

  2. Dave, I only planted five this year and it looks like I am going to have more than I can use. I am already eating them at every meal!


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