Tinges of Red

You can see it in the tree line in the backyard. Tinges of red coloring in the foliage of the trees, the sassafras never fails for fall color. We’re not at peak yet, at least I don’t think so but I’m afraid this year will be hard to tell. The dryness of the last two months has stressed the trees to the point that I’m just hoping their recover for spring. Many of the trees are losing their leaves due to the wilting process which turns the leaves brown then they fall from the trees without ever reaching their full color potential. It’s almost like the trees have said “I’m too tired to keep going through this heat. I think I’ll go to sleep now and maybe spring will be better.”

We’ve finally gotten some badly needed rainfall which came in the form of lightning and thunderstorms yesterday. I’ve always found lightning rather fun and amazing to watch, it’s like Mother Nature’s own fireworks display. We totaled 0.46 inches yesterday and are hoping for more today and maybe now I’ll finally be able to get my grass seed on the lawn (I try not to water and usually put it on before a rain instead). I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this fall still has the potential for some bright and beautiful fall foliage!

I’ll have a Fall Color Project Post for this Friday but here are some links just in case you can’t wait:
I’m posting these links over in the Facebook The Home Garden Page as they come in so if you need your Fall Color Fix right away be sure to follow THG on Facebook!

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  1. Other than 1/10th of an inch the rain missed us. But the fall color is happening pretty quickly now. I took some photos in Nashville yesterday and am putting together a post now.

  2. The dry summer was horrible on the trees near and on our property. We had leaves falling in the summer which was so sad. I hope the rain we've been getting lately will help get them back on track.

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