Cedar Waxwings Near a Cedar Glade

Over Thanksgiving we spent some time in Mt. Juliet at my in-laws home. I always enjoy traipsing around the woods near their house just to explore. I did that often as a kid at my grandfather’s house and I’ve always been fond of spending time in the great outdoors. Often I come home with rocks for my garden borders but I almost always can find a neat picture of some kind to share. The wooded area near their home is similar to the cedar glades that are prevalent in the region. Cedar glades usually consist of plants that can thrive in heavy limestone rock like cedar trees! Not far the east of their home is the Cedars of Lebanon State Park which is well known for its cedar glades.

While exploring I managed to spot a small winged creature that I’ve only seen twice before. It was a cedar waxwing. I saw one once in a crape myrtle tree at my parent’s house but years before that I saw several in the Smoky Mountains. The one I saw this weekend was high up in a tree surveying the land. It didn’t move much and allowed me to get the following pictures. I wish my lenses had a higher magnification to get a higher quality picture.

I’m sure there were more flying about somewhere since they like to travel in small groups.

It is very likely that they were in the area feasting on the bright blue cones of the Eastern Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) which are producing them in massive quantities this time of year.

Did you see any interesting wildlife over Thanksgiving?

6 thoughts on “Cedar Waxwings Near a Cedar Glade

  1. Matt

    Cedar Waxwings are beautiful, elegant looking, little birds. Their characteristic feature is the prominent crest.

    Dave, I have enjoyed reading your posts and have enjoyed following your updates. Some time ago, I wrote an article for your site, which I just sent you again today at thehomegarden[@]gmail.com. Would you please read it and let me know if you accept it as a guest post?

    Thank you – Matthew

  2. jodi (bloomingwriter)

    I hope it was a wonderful thanksgiving for you and your family, Dave. Ours, of course, was some 6 weeks ago, so I can't remember what wildlife I saw back then. Lots of songbirds at our feeders now, and plenty of hawks around the fields and perching on poles and wires, watching for prey. LOVE waxwings, they're so sleek and delightful.

  3. Kyle

    Dave, you have an excellent gardening blog. I am a brand new gardener and looking for advice as I try to build up my garden. I will look forward to future posts and hopefully get some good ideas!

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