Covered in …


Yep the southern Blizzard of 2011 got us pretty good this time. We have somewhere around 4-5 inches of snow on the ground. Here are a few pictures of our winter wonderland!

Snow on the Arbor

Snow on the Blue Garden Shed

Snow on the butterfly bush

Snow on the eastern cedar

Snow on a hemlock

Snow on a Leyland cypress

Snow on an oak leaf hydrangea

Snow on the vegetable garden

It looks like we’ll be living with the snow for another day or two. This has been a strange winter so far! It may be time to buy a real sled…

9 thoughts on “Covered in …

  1. Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    Two years ago we had a winter with way more snow than usual and you couldn't find a sled in a store anywhere. The next fall I bought two as soon as they were on the shelves, it didn't snow at all that winter and my daughter blamed the sled for that 🙂 This winter she's gotten to use it though.
    The snow looks very pretty and I bet your older kids love it.

  2. Lola

    All that snow looks so good. I do miss it but don't like the mess it causes when it starts to melt.
    I really like the Blue Shed with it's white surroundings. The snow really makes it pop.
    Stay warm.

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