Merry Christmas…In February?

Merry Christmas…In February?

This winter has just been weird. The weather, despite the weather prognosticators claiming a milder winter back in fall, has been colder than usual. Today’s snowfall just makes it seems like a second white Christmas here in Tennessee. Now before those of you north of here disparage what I’m saying keep in mind that Tennessee normally only receives 1-2 decent snowfalls and by decent I’m talking more than 1-2 inches.  Rarely do we receive repeated and significant snow events, otherwise our Department of Transportation would not be running out of road salt. In the nearly 21 years I’ve lived here I remember two very large snowfalls: one in March of 1993 (Johnson City, TN) and the other in the winter of 1995-1996 (Cookeville, TN) and those were big ones (2 feet in ’93). It’s been crazy, the snow is nice, but I think I speak for most (adults – kids seems to be enjoying getting out of school so much) that we’re ready to move on! The schools usually let out 2-4 days of school each year and this year my daughter’s school system will have been out for 9 after tomorrow. Next week good weather will arrive and maybe the groundhog prognosticator will turn out to have a better grasp on the climate than those well educated weather folks who were thinking milder thoughts.* Although historically our biggest snowfalls happen in March…we could be in for it!

One thing is for sure…the white snow allows for some very nice pictures.

My blue Garden Shed in the snow with cardinal watching over the feeders.

A Towhee flitting about a potted ornamental peach tree.

There’s food around here somewhere – he’s sure of it!
“Is this really more snow?” says the white-throated sparrow.

“Yep, sure is. When is spring supposed to be here again?”

The pictures were taken about 15 minutes after the snow started here. It piled up fast but seems to be over for now with about 2 inches. I remember snowfalls in Pennsylvania that were much greater when I was a kid but it’s not about how much snow per se, it’s about how much snow we’re supposed to have. And I think we’ve surpassed our quota…just a little…

* I appreciate the hard work that goes into such an unpredictable field of expertise. The miscalculation of the “mild” winter just shows how hard it really is to predict the weather!


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 4 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave has a side business growing and selling heirloom vegetables and herb plants through Blue Shed Gardens and works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. It's beautiful~I took a walk and half way home it began to snow~Heavily snow, ie! It does make for good photo ops! gail

  2. Dave,

    Nine days out because of snow in TN, unheard of. We are supposed to get a dusting tonight, nothing yet. So far here in North Carolina we have already had 6 snow events…

  3. It has been a winter for snow no doubt. Not for school though. I think we are up to like 10 days now. Unreal! Sure is pretty!

  4. It does make for some nice photos!

  5. Love the Towhee pictures–for us up here it means spring. They usually show up in early June. Do they disappear down there in the summer?

  6. I have pretty much had it with the snow, about 25" on the ground and below zero. We are expecting a warm up next week so I can't wait!


  7. I remember going to school on Saturdays to make up for lost days back in the late 70's. It was fun getting out of school for those snow days but not so fun going to school on Saturdays.

    It does make for wonderful pictures though. The finches are keeping us on our toes as they are eating 5 feeders full each day. I will be glad when they depart as the seed budget will go back to normal….

    Stay Warm…

  8. Goodness! I don't even know what to type Dave…Focus on Spring…

  9. Our roads here (near the TN/AL line) were ice this morning..we got about 2" from the looks of it. I love the pic of your shed with the falling snow. Like you, I'm tired of the snow but mostly the cold. Looking for a break in a few days though. Maybe it WILL be an early spring!

  10. Hi Dave, Your new garden shed shows beautifully in those snowy photographs! Your towhee photos are wonderful… I've only seen one a couple of times, and that being towards the end of March or so. Sorry you're having such a winter… there seems to be crazy weather in Many Places these days.

  11. It for sure has been a weird winter. Love your pics.
    Got a question for you. I purchased a Meyer Lemon from the big box store & it had a small broken limb on it. Can I root it & if so how? If rooted will it ever have fruit?

  12. Gail – nice photos but I'm ready for next week – how about you?

    Randy – It's definitely been an interesting winter. I'm hoping our summer is a bit cooler but most likely unlikely!

    Tina – Dickson County was up to 15 last I heard. G only has two extra days to make up at this point. I'm hoping she won't get many more.

    Meemsnyc – it does!

    Sue – We get to see them here year round. Neat little birds!

    Eileen – I have no wish for 25 inches! Stay warm!

    Skeeter – those birds sure have a big appetite. I've let ours down multiple times because I was too lazy to step outside and feed them in the cold.

    Darla – Focusing!

    Jennifer – You're right it's more the cold than the snow. The snow makes things interesting but the cold just makes things miserable.

    Shady – I think we picked the blue partly because we would have some color in winter. I'm glad it shows well in the snow! Definitely crazy weather!

    Lola – They can root from cuttings but more often they are grafted onto seed grown stock. either way should eventually produce a fruit. Try rooting it in peat/sand with rooting hormone. You may need to wound the base of the cutting about 1/2 an inch along the to allow more of the cambium layer to soak up moisture. Don't let it dry out but don't let it get too soggy. It may not take but it's worth a try!

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