Isn’t that Just Dandy? (A Photo post)

Isn’t that Just Dandy? (A Photo post)

I posted this picture the other day on The Home Garden Facebook page but thought I’d share it here too. Dandelions may be the bane of the lawn care perfectionist but if you look close I think you can appreciate the beauty in even the weeds.


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  1. They do photograph well and my daughter's red footed tortoise likes to eat them.

  2. I've never eaten them, but dandelion greens are edible and nutritious. They sell them at Whole Foods.

  3. I love looking at them and blowing on them when I was a kid and with my boys when they were little. I have friends who eat the greens.

  4. I heard about the tops being edible but have not tried them. Don't think I have enough in my yard. I allow them as they are the first food for our pollinators.

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