Mystery Plant or Mystery Weed, Which Is It?

Mystery Plant or Mystery Weed, Which Is It?

Maybe you can help us figure something out. Jaime sent me this picture of a plant growing where she wanted to plant zinnias. If the plant growing there is something good then she’d like to see it grow to flower but if it’s a weed well, you know what she’ll do to that weed! I’ve checked out several weed pictures and can’t seem to match one up with the plant in her picture so I figured that someone reading this blog might have a good guess that will help Jaime out.  Here’s the picture of the mystery plant:

What do you think? What plant is this mystery plant?


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  1. Thanks for posting this Dave. I hope your readers out there can help me out. These little guys are taking up quite a bit of space where they are coming up and I'm like most gardeners, trying to squeeze in as many plants in every inch I have.

    I am finding so much valuable information on your blog, I just love it!


  2. Not sure but at first it looked like persicaria. A weedy thing here that I try to keep up with. It might be another kind of weed though because the stem looks soft, unlike persicaria that has a wiry like stem. I'll try to check further.

  3. Tina, thank you for checking further. I'm certain this is not persicaria. I have it, too and it's actually blooming now where I haven't yanked it out.

    I got a closer look at some Bee Balm today and it looks really close. What do you all think about that as a match? Any way to tell without waiting til it blooms? One thing though, the Bee Balm I saw today was lots taller and further along than what I have. But the BB was in the city and I'm in the country. Not sure if that would make that much of a growing difference or not.

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