A Few Nifty June Flower Photos

The month of June brings many new blooms to the garden. Summer blooming perennials are filling the garden with color. Everywhere you look plants are flowering. Here are a few perennial photos of what is blooming in the garden right now!

Beautyberry Bush

The beautyberry bush is well known for it’s berries but those berries have to start somewhere. This beautyberry bush is covered with small white flowers waiting to be pollinated to produce loads of purple clustered berries in the fall. A must have in my garden! By the way now is a good time to start propagating beautyberry from cuttings.

Butterfly Bush

What’s easy to grow, deer resistant, a butterfly magnet, and puts our beautiful flowers all summer long? It must be a butterfly bush!


The classic daylily! Daylilies look great, flower profusely, and divide easily for more plants later. There’s a lot to like about daylilies!

St. John’s Wort

This woody shrub puts out some beautiful yellow flowers in early summer.

Purple Coneflower (Echniacea purpurea)

Coneflowers are a workhorse of the garden here. Want a plant that thrives despite dryness, deer and rabbit resistant, is loved by pollinators, likes full sun, self-sows, and looks great with almost anything? Coneflower is your plant!

What’s blooming in your June Garden?

5 Replies to “A Few Nifty June Flower Photos”

  1. I've planted purple cornflower in my own garden, it's absolutely wonderful and looks great with dark mulch. Thanks for the list and as always, great post. =)

    – American National, the Lawn Sprinkler System Experts

  2. In one bed, daisies and purple coneflowers (and tomatoes in between). In another, daylilies and feverfew- a beautiful combination.

  3. Looking good!

    Same are starting up here, but also have geranium Rosanne, perennial heliotrope (of course), ageratum, ironweed, yarrow, most agastache starting, but 'Cotton Candy' started back in April.

    Annuals – rose campion, cleome, cornflowers, larkspur. Nigella just finished, but pods are great.

  4. Well, lets see. glads, some kind of wild flower with small lavender bloom 4 petals. Tomatoes, roses, cannas, beans, peppers, strawberries, blackberry lily with small orange flowers. Does eggplant count too?

  5. Dave, Yesterday and today have been unbelievably hot and humid. Most unusual for the shore of Lake Michigan. Since it is way to hot to work in the Gardens at Waters East, it is a good time to catch up on your Blog and other Blogs I am following. My coneflowers are only 4 inches high at this time. but after all this heat, maybe they will surprise me tomorrow and be up a couple of feet!! I have them mixed in one garden with delphinium, another garden with daylilies, another garden with native cup plants. As you see I use lots of coneflowers, purple, while and orange. So easy to grow – once it stays warm around here. Jack

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