Something is Wrong With My Front Garden Plan

Something is Wrong With My Front Garden Plan

My garden is made up of a series of island garden beds. Each one is “designed” (I say that very loosely) to create the pathways that appear in between the gardens. To me a pathway is what really makes garden. A good path let’s you see everything there is to see, leads you down unexpected turns, and really enhances a garden. Plants are integral for a garden and structures are important too but you don’t go anywhere without a pathway. But this post isn’t really about pathways, it’s about one garden bed in particular that I need help with. You see, there’s just something wrong with it. Maybe it’s the plantings, maybe it’s the size and shape, or maybe it’s something else entirely.

In this bed I’ve brought lavender plants from my in-laws garden.  They were the result of the natural layering of several lavender plants. I also have several irises, a blackberry lily, ‘Husker’s Red’ penstemon, and even pumpkins! (I’m not ashamed to admit I left out pumpkin from 2010 lying in this bed to rot in the hopes of future Halloween pumpkins.)  I transferred some strawberries to this bed as well because I thought incorporating real edible strawberries as a ground cover would be pretty neat. We’ll see how that turns out later. There are even an annual coleus in the mix as well as some sedum ‘Acre’. Which would be have to be the sedum genus’s response to kudzu – even though it really can’t come close.

But there’s something wrong with this garden. Do you have any ideas? Here take a look: 

So you tell me, what is wrong with this garden bed?


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 4 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave has a side business growing and selling heirloom vegetables and herb plants through Blue Shed Gardens and works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. One does wonder when there's a skunk out during daylight… I didn't read anything on your plant list that would attract a skunk… 😉 Quite honestly, do be watchful.

  2. I sure wouldn't want to be near that bed. They sure an stink up the works. lol

  3. I know nothing about skunks…certainly did not know they visited gardens!

  4. Skunks like to dig, so I wonder what he's got his eye on!


  5. Uh-oh…..I wouldn't want to meet him unexpectedly along the path!!

  6. If the skunk was on the stepping stones, it might appear more balanced. At least viewed from far, far away!

  7. At first I was thinking that maybe the bed just had not filled in well. Now I see that some of the plants must have fled when the skunk showed up.

  8. SG,

    I'm not sure what plants would attract a skunk! I'd better Google that idea and make sure I don't have any.


    I'm a bit paranoid going out in the garden right now but it must be down. We are well stocked in tomato juice!


    It is ready and the can opener is on standby!

  9. Darla,

    This is the second skunk that's wandered through here. The last one visited my neighbor's dog – I made sure to warn them!


    We do have moles so maybe he's looking for a mole entree?


    Lol! I'll be sure to tell him to move over next time!

    Nell Jean,

    I know I would too! Although it's a young bed just planted this year from cuttings and transplants.

  10. i think there is some wrong in fertility of your garden land.

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