Randomness Around the Garden

This was one of those weekends where my garden time was fairly limited. I still managed to get outdoors some and accomplish a few little things. The biggest task was putting together the garden cart for my mower. It took almost two hours. That’s probably where most of my outdoor time went but when it comes to paying the store $20 or doing the job myself I’d rather keep the money in my pocket! I did take a few minutes to photograph some of what’s going on in the garden.

The self-sowing celosia is looking great! This particular flower is almost in the shape of a crown. I planted celosia two years ago here and it has taken off.  Be warned because it could become invasive if you allowed it to run amok. Of course it’s easy enough to control with just a little bit of manual labor.

The crape myrtles are well into their blooming period. They really like it hot! This one is planted next to our arbor which frames the entry into the side garden.

My miniature sea of liriope! Liriope is used very often as a ground cover and for good reason. It’s drought tolerant, almost no care is needed, and it looks pretty good when planted enmass.

This gaillardia was a self-sown offspring of an ‘Oranges and Lemons’ gaillardia. I’ve mentioned this particular gaillardia before but its fantastic red and yellow colors always make it worthy of revisiting.

I didn’t plant this artemisia here but it doesn’t look too bad. I believe it’s ‘Silver King’.  I may not know 100% which variety it is but I can tell you it is extremely invasive. I really prefer ‘Silver Mound’ or ‘Powis Castle’ artemsias which are much more self contained. Unless you have a ton of area to cover I wouldn’t recommend ‘Silver King’. This patch of artemsia tagged along as a small root with a daylily I moved last year. It does look good though with my rudbeckia.

Do you remember my ‘Trombetta’ squash from the other day? Here it is with some of the other harvest from the vegetable garden over the weekend. I’m planning on frying up some squash medallions with this extra long squash.  It’s about a half-dollar size in diameter and about two feet long. I think I let it grow two to three days longer than I should have. We’ll just have to see how it tastes to know for sure!

How was your weekend?

7 Replies to “Randomness Around the Garden”

  1. Crazy long squash you had picked. im sure it tasted great!

  2. I had to pull my squash plant-it was done:(. Still getting cukes and tomatoes. I'm thinking of fall planting now. Any ideas for fall veggies for a rookie like me?

  3. The Hamiltons – It sure did! we ate it tonight. It is the perfect squash for slicing and turning into fried medallions. It tastes great raw too!

  4. Leilani – It depends on what you like to eat. Now is a good time to think about planting garlic for next year. Also for actual use during the winter spinach is awesome. You can harvest most of the winter and if you put a tent to protect it somewhat from the cold it may make it until spring. It depends on how much you plant and how much you eat. Radishes, lettuce, chard, and kale also come to mind.

  5. I planted my artemesia absinthium right next to my gooseneck loosestrife. The loosestrife is highly invasive but artemesia supposedly inhibits the growth of everything around it. I can't wait to see how my little experiment turns out.

  6. Love that squash. I need to try it, maybe next yr. Where did you find the seed?

  7. Lola,

    I got the seed from Renee's Garden Seeds. I'll try and collect a few from it at the end of the season for you!

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