November 2011 Grow Project Update

November 2011 Grow Project Update

November finds my GROW project seeds from Renee’s Seeds pretty much finished. We’ve had 3-4 frosts which have brought the end to my ‘Yellow Splash’ Marigold and ‘Italian Cameo’ Basil plants. Both of these two annuals did very well in my garden.  The basil was tasty and able to take a fair amount of neglect (it’s been a busy year and much of the garden has been treated, unfortunately, equally!) and the marigolds never ceased to shine.  I’ll be planting both of these again next year in greater quantity.  Marigolds are a great companion plant for tomatoes since they repel nematodes.  Marigolds are such a versatile annual, easy to grow and they usually perform prolifically.  When you have a sunny spot you need to fill and can’t figure out what to plant, plant a marigold!

The Garden babies lettuce is going to be started very soon in pots indoors. I have other greens still growing in the vegetable garden but having a pot of greens indoors would be a nice convenience!

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I’m growing with the SeedGROW project. Thanks to Renee’s Garden for the seeds! 

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  1. Why haven't I started my lettuce seeds outside? ………..sheesh

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