Thistle (Weedy Wednesday!)

Every now and then I'll be writing a post about the common weeds that we find in our yard and garden.  I'll save these posts for Wednesdays so we can have a bit of a creative alliterative effect by calling it "Weedy Wednesday"!  I won't be writing about weeds every Wednesday but I feel…

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Garden Update From The Weekend

This weekend was a busy one in the garden! The weather was sunny, although with a fair amount of wind on Saturday but Sunday afternoon was very pleasant.  This time of year is always exciting.  Gardening activities are resuming in earnest and a lot can be done to prepare for a great gardening season. …

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5 Fun Foliage Plants! (Friday Fives)

Let's be real, foliage is more important than flowers!  Foliage is there 3 out of the four seasons and unless you have some fantastic re-blooming plant that blooms incessantly from spouting to leaf drop you aren't going to have something interesting all the time - unless you plant with foliage.  Color, leaf texture, leaf…

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Around the Garden in February

Purple Crocuses This are warming up again around our Tennessee garden this February.  While I'm writing this post spring-like storms are pouring down outside.  February again seems more like March than February!  But that's how it is sometimes with our weather patterns in TN.  We get some crazy stuff sometimes.  The unseasonable warmth has…

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Tips for an Eco-Friendly Lawn

Frost on the lawn This weekend brought forth a significant event, the first mowing of 2012.  It's a momentous event that means the active growing season is moving ever closer!  I know many of you probably don't enjoy mowing the lawn like I do.  It's probably a little crazy, I'll admit it, but when…

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Tips for Growing Cilantro

Cilantro is one of those funny herbs, some people like it, others don't!  You can count me in the group of people who like it.  Growing beautiful cilantro plants isn't a difficult thing but there are a couple things you should know to maximize your cilantro harvests.  Yesterday a reader asked me in my…

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Vegetable Garden Layout for 2012

Every year I tweak the vegetable garden layout a little.  I new get ideas, want to try different arrangements, and theorize about what might work better.  This could mean one of these days I'll strike the right balance of form and function, but until then it just means a whole lot of tinkering, moving,…

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