8 Things I Learned Over The Weekend

Coral Honeysuckle – Lonicera sempervirens

I had one of those extremely busy weekends.  The kind where you have so much to do you don’t know exactly where to start.  When you finally do start you discover that to do one task you have to do another task first. Then when you finally get going you move from one job, to another, to another, and there is no end in sight!  I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.  But there are a few things I learned over this weekend that I thought I would share with you.

  1. Unseasonably warm weather may seem to be a blessing at times but it also brings a bunch of problems.  Foremost is the presence of weeds.  The chickweed has exploded into prolific proportions while other weeds are coming up at least a month early.  Ragweed which usually does begin to grow for a couple more weeks is already sprouting where it can.  There are two ways this can go: either we’re in for the worst possible allergy season in the fall or a late freeze will bring doom to the annual ragweed and we end up with a decent allergy season.  Of course a late freeze will bring doom to anything else that is tender and growing in the garden.
  2. We’ll be having strawberries earlier than usual this year.  They’ve already begun to bloom!
  3. Tiny plums forming on a plum tree.
  4. Plums are on one of our plum trees.  Tiny little green baby fruits will hopefully be feeding our family some homegrown fruit from the garden.  I’ll have to protect them soon from rampaging deer.
  5. Lawnmowers don’t run well when the engine is stuffed with straw…
  6. Mice don’t run well after being cooked by lawnmower engines…Inspect your lawnmower carefully before using or you may end up with filet de rodent!
  7. The coral honeysuckle is already in bloom. It’s a great plant for attracting the hummingbirds!
  8. Weed wackers/trimmers/weedeaters do a great job at cleaning up chickweed in the garden.  Just trim the weeds into the soil and in a few minutes the garden is clear of chickweed!  Of course you will be covered in all kinds of green chickweed goo so wear eye protection, but it’s a small price to pay for decimating mountains of messy weeds.  Just keep your mouth shut when using the trimmer – trust me, I know.
  9. Yoshino Cherry Tree in Bloom
  10. Yoshino cherry trees are gorgeous!  OK, I already knew this but it’s worth repeating.

What did you learn over the weekend?

6 Replies to “8 Things I Learned Over The Weekend”

  1. That is awesome your strawberries are already coming in! My fruit vines and trees are not even close! And I will take your advice on inspecting the mower often for mice and other treasures. 😉

    I learned that patio furniture cushions are EXPENSIVE! I'm not talking about the chairs and tables. I'm talking about the decorative pads that you tie to the chairs. Woof. After looking at the prices, my wife has decided she's just going to make some herself. 🙂 Sewing machines aren't too expensive, are they? 😉 ha!

  2. I'm a lawn care professional and the weeds are going crazy here in FL. With mostly year-round accounts the fuel prices are hitting many of us extra hard this year early on in the growing season:-(

  3. 1. I'm right there with you on the chick weed.
    2. Strawberries anytime are good.
    3. Plums too.
    4. How did that happen?
    5. Oh, that's how it happened. Ewww.
    6. Nice.
    7. Yuck.
    8. Love the tree photo!

    I learned over the weekend that turkeys will come far enough into town to make it to my garden!

  4. Looks like you were very busy this weekend! Everything is in full bloom here as well. This warm weather is lovely!

    Happy Spring

  5. I have small peaches that I must cover the tree so the varmints can't carry them off like last yr. Been eating fresh green onions for a couple weeks along with more of my salads from the garden. Thing do seem early but I fear that we might have a very hot summer. I love that tree.

  6. The coral honeysuckle is beautiful, and so is the cherry tree!

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