The June Garden: Flower Pictures!

The June Garden: Flower Pictures!

Gladiola Flowers

The beginning of June is quite capable of leaving us mesmerized by all the flowers that appear. There’s no shortage of blooms for pollinators or for the gardener to gawk at!  So today I’m going to share with you a bunch of blooms.  And I mean a bunch!  I probably took too many photos for this post but there were too many cool flowers to photograph not to share them with you.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do in our garden. I’ve identified them in captions below the pictures.  (If you use Pintrest you are welcome to pin these photos and this post so you can one day add them to your garden!)

‘Paris’ Heuchera with a fern

Hosta Flower beginning to bud

Hummingbird moth on Butterfly Bush

Roses with a side order of Japanese Beetles!

Lilac verbena


Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Purple coneflower


Daylily with Lilac verbena

Wildflower area with Salvia farinacea

Lavender Cotton or Santolina


Hummingbird moth on Verbena bonariensis

‘Homestead Purple’ verbena


Yellow Asiatic lily with achillea surround it.

Yellow coreopsis

Hollyhock in self-sowing/wildflower area
I hope you enjoyed the blooms!


Dave has written since 2007. He gardens on an acre and a half where he raises his 5 children. He enjoys growing vegetables, herbs, and propagating plants. Dave works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.

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  1. Hi – I'm a new gardener and am mostly focusing on veggies this year, but have purchased a few flowers that I'm growing in containers. One plant we bought was a "Hardy Lily" with a gorgeous bright orange flower. However, I'm having a bit of trouble finding information about it on line. Do you know anything about them? My questions are, once the flower petals fall off, should I remove/pinch off the little nub at the bottom or just leave it. will any flowers grow back this season, or are they gone for good? And finally, once all the flowers are gone, what do I do – should I cut the foliage or just leave it? Sorry if these are basic questions. Any help would be very appreciated! If you would like to see a photo of the lily, it is here on my blog:

  2. Great blooms Dave. My lilies are starting to bloom. Slowly I am trying to get different colors.

  3. Nice post! I love the blooms you shared. I recognize some i my garden. lol 🙂

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