Your Labor Day Weekend Garden To Do List!

Just what you want right?  Even more things to do in the garden.  I'm sure you have everything perfect.  Everything is mulched to 2 inches high.  Every weed is pulled and the gardens are in pristine condition!  Not our garden, not even close! An extra long weekend is ahead which (unless you've been deluged…

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In and Around the Garden

The end of August is nearly here and the garden is shaping up for its conclusion.  Hopefully it will be a spectacular finish where the flowers bloom out and blend with the foliage as it turns into flaming reds, oranges, and yellows.  That may be the proverbial pipe dream as the weather has been…

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A Gardener’s Garage Remodel

This month's Creative Ideas Project with Lowe's and Growing The Home Garden is all about organization!  By using a $100 gift card donated by Lowe's I've redone a part of my garage to make it more useful for our whole family - not just the gardener!  I think the main problem people have with…

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5 Fall Vegetables for Your Garden

Fall is creeping closer and closer each day which brings to mind cool evening breezes, pumpkins, festivals, the Fall Color Project (more on that later), and of course the fall vegetable growing season.  Most gardeners seem to garden almost exclusively in the spring or summer and don't even consider the fall.  It's probably since…

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Feels Like a Fall Morning

This morning's cool temperatures made it feel like my favorite season is well on its way.  Of course autumn is coming but the extra cool August temperatures we're having have me hoping for an extended fall season.  Here's a look at a few things from around the garden this morning! 'Arizona Sun' Gaillardia -…

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Organizing a Gardeners Garage

What does a gardener's garage look like?  Before you put an image into your mind please realize that the photo I'm about to show you is extremely embarrassing.  My garage has never been a priority for me - the garden has been!  When you add three kids to the mix who never seem to…

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August in Bloom in My Tennessee Garden

With summers in Tennessee you never know exactly what your going to get.  Usually you expect dry and hot.  That's a pretty safe bet.  But lately the temperatures have reminded me of fall.  The scents are on the wind.  Fall blooming plants like goldenrod and ironweed are beginning to flower.  The smell of fall…

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Over the Weekend

Mowed the lawn - check. Weeded the shed gardens - check. Weeded the sitting wall garden - check. Weeded and mulched the mailbox garden - check. Weeded the corner shade garden - check - kind of. Weeded the birdbath garden without a birdbath - check - kind of. Cut back a 'Powis Castle' artemisia…

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