A Frosty December Morning

Over the last couple weeks the weather has been much warmer than it should be, but now we’re getting back to a much more normal December weather pattern.  There was even the mention of snow in the forecast for next week.  We’ll see.  I won’t count my chickens but a little snow would make a nice scenery change!  For now though we’ll have to enjoy watching the ice crystals form on the vegetation.  Here’s a few pictures from this morning’s heavy frost.

The blueberry plants that still have leaves are well frosted!
Catmint with frosted white leaf edges.

Even the grass looks cool – well of course it does – it’s frost it has to be cool!

Shadows on the frosted grass. 

There’s the blue shed!  There frost and shadows here too. 

Yes it’s December, it should be thyme for frost!

Is it cold where you are yet?

One thought on “A Frosty December Morning

  1. ralph

    Well my water is in drips this am, thanks to not getting around to a repair of the line last week that I hadn't gotten around to replacing the insulation on yet. As you noted I didn't need insulation last week? The frost is lovely and the bird feeders are getting a good work out, and the sun is shining brightly. I think its time to start getting seed catalogs (wish books)

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