5 Natural Weed Killing Tips

Weeds are one of the most troubling elements of gardening that gardeners face.  A gardener's definition of a a weed is simply a plant you don't want in a place you don't want it!  Which means that even desirable plants can become a weed pest in the wrong place.  Gardener's want simple and easy…

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The Garden, with Frosting!

This time of year it isn't unusual to see the garden in a crystallized form.  Wet winter weather insures that enough moisture is around to turn the landscape into a frosted garden.  The unique appearance of the frosted garden gives the gardener a great opportunity to play around with some photography.  Here are a…

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Free Seed Packet Template (Basic)

I mentioned earlier today in a post on Facebook about using homemade seed packets as a gift idea for stocking stuffers. You can read more about that type of seed packet in this post: using wrapping paper for homemade seed packets.  If you want a more typical style of seed packet I put together…

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