Timing Is The Root of a Good Garden

January 2015 is almost here and with it will come time to plan out your 2015 garden. We all know that for a plant to grow well it needs a strong root system. The same can be said for the garden as a whole. A garden's roots are stronger with a good plan and the root of a good garden plan is timing. Timing a garden is probably the most important factor in a garden plan that determines success. To time things correctly there area two things you need to know: The last frost date in spring for your area.  How long seeds take before they can be set outside to grow. The last frost date is THE date to base everything else around. The last frost date is the usual date of the last frost as averaged over time. It isn't impossible for a frost to happen after that…

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Seeds and Where to Find Them

By now you may have received your first seed catalog(s) in the mail. It's a fun time of the year for gardeners. We get to sift through the pages, read the descriptions designed to entice us, and dream of what we will plant next year. When the weather is cold and dreary the catalogs give us something bright and hopeful to look forward to! Which seed catalog is the best one? That really depends on the gardener and what they are looking to grow. Seed companies exist with many different combinations of products from vegetables and herbs to flowering and ornamental plants. Most companies offer a wide assortment of seeds but there are a few that specialize in only a couple types of seeds like tomatoes or peppers. There is a seed catalog out there for everyone! When choosing which company to order your seeds from look for non-GMO seeds.…

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Making a Hoop House for Winter Vegetable Growing

Many gardeners take the winter season off from gardening. They work hard from early spring through late far then take a little break but you don't have to stop growing vegetables in your garden just because the weather has changed. One way to continue growing vegetables in cold weather is to construct a hoop house. A hoop house is simply an unheated greenhouse type structure that will help keep the temperatures several degrees warmer. In areas with mild winters a hoop house can allow you to continue growing all the way through the winter. Hoop houses can be made of many different types of materials. In this post you will see one way to put together an economical, small hoop house for your garden. (The materials for this project were furnished by Lowe's as a part of the Creative Bloggers Network!) How to Make a Hoop House for Winter Vegetable…

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